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Welcome to this secret page. If you are here, you are here for a good reason. So take action and contact us now. (To contact us kindly text us at 443 454 2365 and we will contact you!)
We are a unique bunch of trainers, "lovable rogues" who's knowledge of:



Speed profiling


Switching objects invisibly

Black Art


Planting objects in the field



Attention Grabbing

Redirection of Attention

Snap Hypnosis  - Speed induction

The hypnotic introduction

Tech disguise/ object disguise

Team building

Public speaking

Gaining information

How to read people

Motivational speeches

Cold reading

How to use cold reading in every day situations

Leadership skills


And ENTERTAINMENT! is unparalleled.

Our clients have included the FBI, The Pentagon, The British Royal Family, Foreign Royal Families and Dignitaries, A- list celebrities and top tier corporate organizations.

We tailor all courses to fit individual needs, are used to the highest levels of secrecy and discretion & the first consultation is entirely free. 

Our vast left-field knowledge means nothing without you taking action...

Please text us at 443 454 2365 with your contact details now... 

We will contact you!

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